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Serving across Canada, Installation & Repairs has over 40 years of experience providing installation and repair services. We are a Canadian owned company that provides a wide range of installation services for all of your household appliances. For your convenience, we can provide same day or next day appliance installation services.

A new appliance adds style to your home and efficiency to your daily life, so buying one is always a thrill. From shipping to installation, we think it should always be a seamless experience when upgrading your appliances. Our qualified professionals are available to assist you with any installation needs you may have for a new refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, range, oven, hood fan, microwave, dryer, washer, or any other appliance that you may have. 

Expert Installation Services for Your Home Appliances

There's more to installing a new refrigerator or freezer than merely plugging it in. As manufacturers strive to make their products as inventive as possible, installation is now more involved than ever. We at Installation & Repairs will handle all of your new appliance's specific needs. For your new or existing house, our experts are informed about all new electrical, gas and plumbing products. We guarantee all of our clients that all safety precautions are taken during installation because we are also knowledgeable about practically every brand's installation procedure. This is advantageous because you know the installation was carried out by a trained technician. We also install under counter refrigeration ice makers, built-in freezers, built-in refrigerators, and more.

While choosing a new dishwasher might be a challenging procedure, we think the installation process should be simple. Manufacturers advise against doing installations yourself and instead hiring a professional. It is recommended that a journeyman technician install dishwashers for safety reasons. Thousands of dishwashers, including panel-ready, 18-inch, compact, apartment sized, and portable models, have been installed by us. One of the most crucial spaces in your home might also be your laundry room. It is crucial to make sure the installation is done correctly because a laundry unit with a dryer and washer can be highly expensive. We can assist you with stacking your washer and dryer with a stacking kit or installing them on a pedestal. Our qualified journeyman technicians can assist with more complex installations, like gas dryers, to ensure a successful installation. We also install electric dryers, portable washers, laundry centres, and all-in-one washer and dryer combos.

Professional Installation Services for Your Kitchen Appliances

Most kitchen appliances are used daily, sometimes even several times. It is best to have these appliances installed by a certified technician to avoid any warranty violations. Additionally, it guarantees that your equipment was fitted carefully and accurately. Our professionals can install any stove, wall oven, range, microwave, or range top correctly. We set up gas, induction, and electric appliances. Wall ovens of every kind, including microwave wall ovens with a trim kit and double wall ovens, can be installed by our professionals. Additionally, we can assist with the installation of microwaves, both built-in and over-the-range models. Last but not least, our professionals can assist you with the installation of downdrafts, island hoods, cabinet inserts, wall mount chimney hoods, cabinet range hoods, and canopy pro hoods.

Appliance Installation Service Areas

From Kitchen to Laundry: Expert Installation Services for Your Essential Appliances

Discover reliable appliance repair services in your area!

  • Appliance Installation Calgary

    Our expert technicians in Calgary provide seamless and efficient appliance installation services, ensuring that your appliances are set up correctly and ready for use.

  • Appliance Installation Edmonton

    Edmonton residents can count on our skilled technicians to handle all their appliance installation needs, from kitchen appliances to laundry machines, with precision and care.

  • Appliance Installation Ottawa

    In Ottawa, our professional appliance installation services guarantee that your appliances are installed safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind in your home.

  • Appliance Installation Vancouver

    Vancouver homeowners trust us to expertly install their appliances, optimising their functionality and ensuring they seamlessly blend into their living spaces.

  • Appliance Installation Toronto

    Toronto residents can rely on our experienced technicians for top-tier appliance installation, providing convenience and reliability for all their home appliances.

What to Expect During the Installation Process for Appliances

When it comes to appliance installation, a seamless and efficient process is key to ensuring your appliances work optimally and safely. Our team of experienced appliance installers is dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Here's what you can expect during the appliance installation process.

  • Assessment and Planning

    Our appliance installer will begin by assessing the installation site and reviewing the manufacturer's guidelines. This initial step ensures that the installation process aligns with your specific appliance and space requirements.

  • Preparing the Area

    Before installation, we'll prepare the area, making sure it's clean, level, and free from any obstructions. This step is crucial for a secure and stable appliance placement.

  • Appliances Connection

    Our skilled appliance installers will then connect your appliance to the appropriate utility sources, such as electrical, gas, or water lines. This step demands precision and attention to detail to ensure safety and functionality.

  • Testing and Calibration

    After installation, we thoroughly test your appliance to ensure it operates correctly. If calibration or adjustments are necessary, our experts will make the necessary tweaks to guarantee optimal performance.

  • Safety Check

    Safety is our top priority. Our appliance installer will perform a comprehensive safety check to ensure all connections are secure, and there are no potential hazards.

  • Customer Walkthrough

    Finally, we'll provide you with a walkthrough of the installed appliance, explaining its features and functions. We want to ensure you are comfortable and confident in using your new appliance.

aplliace repair services

Installation of Expert Appliances by Qualified Technicians

Our appliance installation process is designed to make your life easier. With our experienced appliance installers by your side, you can trust that your appliances will be installed professionally, safely, and efficiently.

Choose us for a worry-free appliance installation experience.

Benefits of Professional Appliance Installation Near You

At Installation and Repairs, we offer professional appliance installation services close to you that have a number of advantages that will improve your daily life at home.

Safety First

Professional appliance installation ensures that your appliances are set up correctly, minimising the risk of safety hazards like gas leaks or electrical issues.

Optimal Performance

Proper installation by experts guarantees that your appliances operate at peak efficiency, saving you energy and money in the long run.

Warranty Protection

Many manufacturers require professional installation to uphold appliance warranties, safeguarding your investment.


Time and Stress Savings

Professionals streamline the installation process, saving you the time and effort of tackling complex installations yourself.

Code Compliance

Professionals are well-versed in local building codes, ensuring that your appliance installation meets all necessary regulations.


A professionally installed appliance is more likely to have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for premature replacements and repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Appliance Installation

What areas of Canada do you provide installation services?

We provide services across Canada including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Pickering, Barrie, Brampton, Kitchener, Mississauga, Montreal, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Winnipeg and more.

Do you install commercial appliances?

Unfortunately, we do not work on commercial appliances.

Do you install gas appliances?

Yes, we do install gas appliances including cooktops, ranges, dryers and more.

Exceptional Appliance Installation Services by Our Skilled Appliance Installers

Our top goal at Installation & Repairs is to make sure our customers get the best service possible. We can perform all installation services while adhering to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines thanks to our highly skilled and licensed technicians. We handle all appliance hookup needs, including gas, electrical, and water connections as well as new ventilation. Our appliance installers aim to deliver excellent craftsmanship to you with meticulous attention to detail and constant preparation. 

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