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Installation and Repair Process

  • Schedule an Appointment:

    Once you get in touch, we'll work with you to find a convenient date and time for our repair technician to visit your location.

  • Prepare for the Appointment:

    To ensure a smooth repair process, kindly make sure your appliance is easily accessible and any obstructions around it are cleared before our technician arrives.

  • During the Repair Visit:

    When our technician arrives, please provide a detailed explanation of the issue and any additional information that might be helpful. Rest assured, our technicians usually carry common parts with them in their van to expedite the repair process.

  • Get a Repair Quote:

    After diagnosing the issue, our service team will give you a call either the same day or the next day with an estimate for the repair cost.

  • Approve the Repair:

    Once you receive the repair quote and are comfortable with it, simply give our service team the go-ahead to proceed with the repair work.

  • Payment and Documentation:

    Upon completion of the service call and repair, our technician will provide you with the necessary payment details. We accept both electronic payments and cash for your convenience.

  • Feedback:

    We greatly value your experience with us. Please consider leaving feedback so we can continuously improve our services.

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