Professional Washer Repair Edmonton

Professional Washer Repair Edmonton

Experienced Technicians for Washing Machine Repair Edmonton

Experienced Technicians for Washing Machine Repair Edmonton

Installation & Repairs is a leading provider of washer repair services in Edmonton, and it is known for its exceptional commitment to excellence. We offer a seamless and comprehensive experience that sets a new standard for washing machine repairs. Our team understands the urgency of washer malfunctions and provides same-day repairs or scheduled appointments to accommodate your convenience. Our technicians are always available to deliver the best possible repair solution, even on holidays. We recognize the inconvenience a broken washer can cause, and our commitment is to provide prompt and flexible services that align with your schedule, eliminating the frustration of waiting for extended periods for essential repairs.

At the heart of our service philosophy lies transparency and quality assurance. We follow the Canadian Appliance Rate Guide and ensure our pricing is clear, upfront, and free from hidden charges. Our flat service rate upfront and a policy of no additional charges for urgent repairs underscores our commitment to affordability and clarity in every transaction. Before any repair work starts, customers are provided with accurate estimates of the repair cost, instilling confidence in the fairness and transparency of our service. Samsung, LG, and Kenmore are some of the major appliance brands handled by our expert team. 

Our Range of Appliance Repair Services

From Kitchen to Laundry: Expert Repairs for Your Essential Appliances

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Washer Repair Edmonton

Washer trouble? Our experts swiftly fix leaks, drainage, noises, spinning, and start-up issues.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Refregirator Repair Edmonton

Faulty refrigerator? Our experts resolve temperature, leaks, ice maker, noises, and cooling issues proficiently.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Freezer Repair Edmonton

Freezer not working? Our experts fix issues like cooling, frost, noise, and power.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Cooktop Repair Edmonton

We service gas and electric cooktops. Fixing burners, temperatures, and ignition issues.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Wall Oven Repair Edmonton

Need to fix wall oven? Our experts swiftly fix uneven heating, thermostat, igniter, and more.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Dryer Repair Edmonton

Dryer issues? Experts swiftly fix heating, drying, noise, and drum spinning problems efficiently

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Dishwasher Repair Edmonton

Dishwasher trouble? Swiftly fix cleaning, drainage, leaks, noises, and start-up problems with expertise.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Microwave Repair Edmonton

Microwave issues? Expert fix issues like heating, turntable, door, noises, and display malfunctions efficiently.

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton -

Range / Stove Repair Edmonton

Range or stove trouble? Experts fix heating, ignition, thermostat, and door issues proficiently.

Types of Washer Issues We Handle

Long-Term Solutions: Empowering Customers, Ensuring Quality Repairs

Our technicians are not only skilled but are also equipped to handle emergency situations 24/7. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, emphasizing our commitment to delivering a service that goes beyond expectations. Washing machines may encounter different types of issues, which include water overflow, torn clothes, unusual sounds, and issues with the control panel. Our technicians are well-trained to examine both the electrical and plumbing systems of the machine and carry out a detailed diagnosis. They carefully look for possible causes of the problem, such as pump failure, motor malfunction, valve wear, or control panel errors. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect contributing to the malfunction is identified and rectified, providing a lasting solution to the problem. We believe in empowering our customers with practical tips for preliminary troubleshooting. Before reaching out to our skilled technicians, customers are encouraged to check for common issues. 


Your Local Washer Repair Expert in Edmonton:Our Commitment to Quick, Efficient Service

It is essential to clean your washer each month to get rid of bad odors that can develop inside the machine. Additionally, rinsing out the drain pump filter every two weeks can help remove any clogs caused by the accumulation of hair, fabric, or other particles. It is also recommended that you inspect the hoses and replace them every five years. Over time, washer hoses tend to crack, which can lead to water leaks and water damage. If the repair cost is higher than the cost of buying a new washer, our local technicians will recommend which option is better. Taking these steps not only helps in quick issue identification but also facilitates smoother communication during the repair process. Additionally, noting down the serial and model number is recommended for a more precise and efficient repair experience. Understanding the value of your time, we have strategically stocked our service vans with a comprehensive inventory of parts. This ensures that most repair jobs are completed during the initial visit, minimizing downtime and inconvenience. Our commitment to efficiency extends to our booking process as well. Call or email us to book your service. Our friendly staff will reach your doorstep in Nisku, Rolly View, Sherwood Park, Sturgeon County.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Washing Machine Repair Edmonton

Access to Specialized Tools and Equipment

Our experts use special tools for washing machine repairs. These tools help them identify and fix issues accurately, providing effective solutions to make your machine work well again.

Extensive Knowledge of Washer Systems

Our experts know washing machines thoroughly. They are skilled at handling challenging repairs, ensuring they efficiently fix the main issue by addressing intricate systems and components with their specialized knowledge.

Customized Solutions

Our experts offer tailored solutions for your washing machine. They take into account the model, brand, and specific issues to ensure the best and suitable repairs, meeting the unique needs of your appliance.

Detailed Inspections

Our experts thoroughly inspect your washing machine during repairs, searching for any hidden issues. This meticulous approach helps them identify and fix all problems, ensuring your machine receives comprehensive and effective repairs.

Professional Advice and Recommendations

Experts not only fix but also provide helpful advice to enhance your washing machine's performance and prolong its lifespan. They share maintenance tips to keep your appliance in excellent condition.

Trust and Reliability

Choose our reliable repair services for your washing machine. We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering trustworthy and high-quality repairs. With us, you can rest assured that your machine is in capable hands, providing peace of mind.

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Common Washer Parts We Can Replace

Our Process of Washing Machine Repair Edmonton

  • Fill out the Form or Call:

    Tell us about your appliance problem using our online form or call our operator to set up a convenient appointment.

  • Request Confirmation:

    Our team quickly checks and agrees on your appointment, making sure it fits the time you like.

  • Technician Arrival:

    Our team quickly checks and agrees on your appointment, making sure it fits the time you like.

  • Diagnosis and Estimate:

    The expert checks what's wrong with your appliance and gives you a clear estimate for fixing it.

  • Efficient Repair:

    Once you agree to the cost estimate, the technicians fix the problem quickly using good-quality parts.

  • Flawless Performance:

    The appliance works well because the technician makes sure everything is functioning properly.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    We care about making customers happy and promise to fix any problems after repairs quickly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we offer a complete guarantee.

Repair Process

Appliance brands

Appliance Brands We Repair

Frequently Asked Questions for Washer Repair Edmonton, Alberta

How do you fix a leaky washer?

When water accumulates around your washer, start by inspecting both the drain and fill hoses. If these hoses are secure, the next step is to examine the water pump, responsible for draining water from the washer tub. If the pump appears to be functioning well, consider checking other potential culprits such as the tub cover gasket, water inlet valve, bellows, door boot seal, water level switch, pressure switch, door catch, tub seal, or boot seal for any issues.

My washer makes strange noises. What is the issue?

A noisy washer may indicate a problem with the drain pump. The pump can be belt-driven, motor-driven, or have its electric motor, depending on your washer model. Additional causes of washer noise include issues with the drive belt, drive motor coupling, shock absorbers, tub dampening strap, drive motor, motor pulley, pump pulley, pump belt, tub bearing, agitator directional cogs, or clutch assembly.

How long will it take for you to repair a washer?

We offer both same-day and scheduled repair services, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution to your washer issues.

What sets your pricing apart, and do you charge extra for urgent repairs?

We provide transparent and upfront flat service rates. There are no additional charges for urgent repairs, ensuring clarity and affordability for our customers.