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40 Years of Excellence: Your Trusted Appliance Repair Experts in Brantford

Installation & Repairs has been repairing residential appliances in Brantford, Ontario, for over 40 years. We boast of a team of licensed technicians who have mastered the techniques of handling any make or model of your home appliance brands. We have been servicing a range of appliances such as washers, dryers, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges in Brantford and also across the Greater Toronto region.

Unlike other services, our priority is not just fixing appliances but building a lasting relationship with our clients. Whether it's a routine service call or an emergency repair, we offer same-day service, even on holidays, showcasing our dedication to minimizing downtime for our customers. For every repair, we offer a 30-day guarantee on service calls and labor, ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer repair services at your convenience to fit your busy schedule. Additionally, you can also request a quote for the repair cost before our skilled technicians begin their work. Contact us today for professional repair services in Brantford.

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Our Range of Appliance Repair Services Brantford, Ontario

From Kitchen to Laundry: Expert Repairs for Your Essential Appliances

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Washer Repair Brantford

Problems with your washer? Our experts diagnose, repair, and guarantee clean, fresh laundry.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Refregirator Repair Brantford

Our technicians fix refrigerator cooling and freezer freezing issues.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Freezer Repair Brantford

If your freezer isn't keeping things frozen, rely on our expertise for top-notch freezer repair services.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Cooktop Repair Brantford

We fix gas and electric cooktops for burner, temperature, or ignition issues.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Wall Oven Repair Brantford

Efficiently repair wall oven issues for even heating and hassle-free meal preparation.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Dryer Repair Brantford

Expert technicians fix dryer issues like heating, noise, and drum problems.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Dishwasher Repair Brantford

Fix dishwasher problems swiftly. Restore your laundry routine with our expert technicians.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Microwave Repair Brantford

Restore microwave functionality. Reliable repairs for heating and performance issues.

Appliance Repair Brantford -

Range / Stove Repair Brantford

Expert range repairs for heating, temperature, and burner issues.

Factory-Authorized Excellence: Brantford's Certified Appliance Technicians

Customers are given a clear cost breakdown of our appliance repair services. Besides a flat labour fee, you will be charged only for necessary appliance parts. Our team consists of factory-authorized and certified technicians who work with various appliances, including gas, electric, and propane. Our certified Journeyman experts have helped us garner 5-star reviews from satisfied clients on Google.

We are recognized as the best appliance repair company, not just by our clients but also by reputable platforms like HomeStars. It is important that you avoid attempting to repair appliances independently to avoid complications. In the face of unexpected breakdowns, our 24x7 emergency appliance repair services stand ready to assist with a commitment to minimizing downtime. Contact us today if you are looking for the top appliance repair service in Brantford and surrounding areas.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: Superior Appliance Services in Your Hands

Our appliance repair company thrives on 100% customer satisfaction. Every repair is handled by an expert team of licensed, insured, and bonded technicians committed to delivering superior services for major gas and electric appliance brands. Once a service request is placed, we complete the diagnosis within minutes. A three-hour window is allotted for every customer to schedule a service appointment. With same-day or next-day service, we aim to complete the entire repair process in one visit to your house, ensuring minimum disruption to your daily routine.

We stock our service vans with high-quality parts and carry a large inventory of replacement parts for new and old appliances. This helps us repair your appliance during the first call whenever possible, avoiding unexpected delays. Our technicians don't start repairing without your approval. Our risk-free and insured services come with a comprehensive 90-day warranty for appliance parts, using only manufacturer-approved components. No extra charges are involved for another service call. Book a repair today. Get access to exceptional appliance repair services by certified technicians.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Appliance Repair Brantford

Conventional Pricing

Our repair costs are calculated using conventional prices. We offer Brantford appliance emergency repair without hidden fees.

Quality Repair

Our expert technicians use original, high-quality parts and never cut corners.

A Rich History

We have more than 30 years of experience and an extensive and distinguished background.

Local Brantford Appliance Repair Expert

We strive to improve Brantford's residents' lives with high-quality appliance repair Brantford Ontario. Our expert technicians repair appliances to peak functionality.

Brantford Authorised Excellence

Authorities authorize us to deliver exceptional repair services in Brantford at the highest standards.

Join Our Satisfied Customer Community

Explore Brantford's unique blend of history and progress, and trust Appliances Repair Services Brantford to keep your appliances running well.

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Common Appliance Parts Brantford We Can Replace

Our Process of Appliance Repair in Brantford

  • Request Service

    Begin by contacting our brantford appliance repair service to schedule an appointment. You can reach out to us via phone (519-964-8088) or our online platform.

  • Diagnosis

    Our skilled technicians perform a detailed diagnostic to pinpoint the root cause of the problem, ensuring an accurate repair.

  • Cost Estimate

    You'll receive a clear and transparent quote for the repair, including labour and parts costs, with no hidden fees.

  • Quality Repairs

    We use genuine replacement parts and employ industry-best practices to execute repairs, guaranteeing lasting results.

  • Testing

    After the repair, we rigorously test your appliance to ensure it functions optimally and safely.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our priority, and we ensure you're happy with the repair and that your appliance is back in working order.

Repair Process

Frequently Asked Questions for Appliance Repair Brantford

Can Installation & Repairs fix my refrigerator quickly if it's not cooling properly?

Absolutely! Installation & Repairs specializes in prompt refrigerator repairs, with licensed technicians ready to diagnose and fix cooling issues, ensuring your appliance functions efficiently.

Do you provide same-day appliance repair services for urgent issues in my home?

Yes, at Installation & Repairs, we understand the urgency of appliance problems. Our same-day repair services ensure your appliances are back in working order promptly, providing convenience for your busy schedule.

Is Installation & Repairs experienced in fixing various brands of appliances, including newer models?

Certainly! With over 40 years of experience, Installation & Repairs has the expertise to handle a wide range of appliance brands, including newer models, ensuring comprehensive and reliable repair solutions.

What sets Installation & Repairs apart from other appliance repair services in terms of cost transparency?

Installation & Repairs prides itself on transparent pricing. We offer upfront cost estimates, ensuring clarity for our customers, and only charge for necessary parts, eliminating hidden fees and providing cost-effective solutions.

Your Appliance Partner: Brantford's Trustworthy Repair Services

Our appliance repair services have been catering to the Brantford region for over 40 years. Specializing in electric, gas, and induction appliances, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive repair services, whether it’s installing a new appliance or fixing a broken one. Our team is available on all days to handle customer queries. Frequent training in new technologies helps our technicians to stay ahead of the curve, guaranteeing expert solutions for a wide range of appliances. 

However, if your appliance has reached half of its expected life, our repair specialists will suggest a replacement. It is recommended that customers seek their unbiased suggestions especially when the cost of repair exceeds more than 50% of the cost of a new appliance. In these cases, replacing your appliance is the best option for you. Contact us today and place a service request for your favourite appliance. Get a quote for the repair cost even before our skilled technicians start their work.

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